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by She
Rated: E · Poetry · Dark · #2203934
She feels everything but at the same time she's numb
She's crying, screaming, vomiting, and going in and out of consciousness.

She's feeling everything that has ever existed.

She feels betrayed, frustrated, depressed, anxious, hatred, and overall she is simply a storm of emotions waiting to wreck havoc.

She's a beautiful monsoon, tornado, hurricane, and earthquake, she is coming in at the highest level and she is deadly.

Except, she is not heading towards anyone. This entire storm is silent and goes unnoticed, the only one suffering is she.

She is a beautiful storm of emotions, and waiting to wreck havoc within herself.

She is feeling everything.

She's is silent, laughing, smiling, and simply appears joyous.

In reality, she is numb and a walking corpse.

She is simply a participant in a masquerade, putting on a mask to hide behind.

She is feeling numb and empty.

Overall, she is not living and she doesn't remember when she ever stopped living.

She doesn't remember when she decided to die on the inside.

She is feeling nothing.
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