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Stella's family just moved to Windy Falls. Her life has just begun.
I walked through the doors of my new high school, and the scent of moldy cafeteria food and dirty socks instantly hit my scent glands. I wrinkled my nose and kept my head low.

Students were walking all around me, carefree and happy as they talked to their friends. I had nobody to talk to and hang out with. I had nobody in general. It was honestly a miracle that I was still alive.

Keep it together, I told myself.

As I walked to room 409 for my first class, Geometry, a whirlwind of anxiety rushed over me. C'mon Stella, I urged myself. You can't let them know yet. If you want to keep living, then you've got to own this school. Nobody's going to scare you if you own this school. I nodded in satisfaction and kept walking, my Converse shoes slapping on the tiled flooring as I neared my doom.

I sighed and walked into the classroom, where kids everywhere were talking and joking around with each other. Suddenly, an empty pit gaped open in my stomach. Never had I felt so alone.

I slid in an empty seat near the back, next to a girl that I didn't know. "Hey," I said tentatively. "I'm Stella."

The girl nodded back to me and smiled. "Cool name," she replied coolly. "I'm Ava, but you can call me Ave if you wanna."

I smiled and nodded at her. "Alright then."

The teacher came into the room and stood up front for about five minutes before the class was completely silent and in their seats. "Good morning class, and welcome to the first day of school," she droned. "Today is the first day of the school year, and all the rules are the same as last year's. If you forgot the rules or you are a new student, then you'll have to figure it out by yourself." She chuckled a little and rubbed her temples. "If you have any questions, my name is Mrs. Garcia, and I'm your homeroom teacher for this year, whether you like it or not."

I winced at her last words. That was just what I wanted, a rude homeroom teacher on my first day here.
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