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What you say gives a meaning that preserves its place of approval with an agreeable position; a noddable affirmation that isn't spoken. You're a people pleaser because many nodding affirmations would consist of pleasantly agreeing with whatever you hear, not because you want to necessarily, but, because you wouldn't want to devoid yourself of that satisfying urge of wanting to make everyone happy.

Taking on too much would end up making you feel as though you were a jellyfish, because there's an adrenaline rush to the head that seems to make you eager to do many things. Appearing that you're mostly agreeable to everything, a noddable affirmation is triggered when the head moves up and down. I would perceive this to be the most vulnerable since the outcome would be overwhelming; you've become so tired that you'd want to curl up in your bed, not wanting to do much of anything. A snappy attitude would develop and everyone would wonder why. If you would've told them what was wrong, they just wouldn't understand.

Many noddable affirmations come about when you pretend to be somebody you're not. The facade is so convincing that you'd think someone had a very bubbling personality, for they appear to be very happy. Beneath that facade, what you didn't know was that you'd find someone that was very sad and hurt, due to experiencing the strains of life that keep getting dumped upon their shoulders.

A noddable affirmation can get you into trouble when you agree to something, when what you really meant to say was no.

When you get to the point of saying the word no, and begin to shake your head, which also means no, noddable affirmations are then corrected.

When you've acquired the ability to shake your head from side to side, or saying the word no, you've mastered the ability to not be a people pleaser. Turning you into a genuinely happy person is an accomplishment; you've mastered the ability of not being a people pleaser. This is not a bad thing; you can now celebrate your victory by not being so overwhelmed from having too many noddable affirmations

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Thursday, October 24, 2019
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