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by Twiga
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A Snippet from my TMNT Fanfiction
So here we have a chapter where hopefully significant character development happens I’ve been meaning to get to the part where Ringo discovers he can fly by the same means as The Human Torch for a while

After Bill’s Sunrise Song Will and Liz began trying to get the First Earth Humans to eat Neutrigruel to turn themselves blue but immediately the First Earth humans were having issues getting the blue slop to even stay down.
Ichabod tried really hard but the slimy texture and even the complete lack of flavor in the Neutrigruel just disgusted him too much, he spat it back into his napkin.

“Ugh!” Ichabod groaned “I can’t, I’m sorry I just can’t! It has this texture I just…Ugh!” He reached for his glass of water to wash out the feeling from his mouth.

“Oh dear.” Liz sighed “Seems like none of them can stomach it.”

“Maybe they don’t have to become ‘Bloomans’ as they call us.” Will said “They just have to blend in…” He grabbed his car keys “I’m gonna get some blue paint and white hair dye, be back in a few hours!”

Meanwhile in the garden Ringo climbed onto a boulder, the same boulder Bill had sat on during his song and began sunning himself.

“You’re thinking about something.” Eartha said “What is it?”

“I was thinking…” Ringo said “…About I should practice my fire creating abilities, but I’m a bit concerned about doing so with all these pine trees around, it was one thing in New Eden if I caught on fire with only grass around and only the grass around me got burnt but pine trees, pine tree catch on fire more so than other trees, that’s one of the things I remember when I was a tiny hatchling and there was a great forest fire.”

“Oh my gosh!” Eartha exclaimed

“Fortunately I was able to flee into the pond.” Ringo said “But I remember the scent of burning pine trees.”

“I could practice my talent…” Eartha said “…But the vegetables in this garden are large enough if I made them any larger Will and Liz couldn’t fit them into that cold machine they call a refrigerator!”

Ringo quietly huff-hissed but didn’t say anything else as Eartha went back into the house, she returned to the attic.
She snuffled around the various things in the attic, opening the chest of drawers she found clothes, particularly clothes Liz wore when she was a child. Eartha pulled out a bright blue dress and held it front of herself in the mirror.

“Eartha…” It was Donatello’s voice Eartha turned her head to see him coming into the attic

“Eartha where are you…” Don stopped when he saw what the Mole Revenant was doing

“I found clothes.” Eartha said
“So I see.” Don said “I don’t think Will and Liz would appreciate you rummaging through their stuff.”

Eartha sighed she knew this was true as an Animal she knew the Bounds of Territory, property was territory to Animals and she was violating it by touching the property without the hosts’ knowledge.

“I know.” Eartha sighed “I just…Wanted to try it out…But I don’t think I can fit in this…I’m too plump even though all the other Moles said I was slender for a Mole.”

“From what I’ve seen from the Humanimals each species needs clothes tailor made for their unique proportions.” Don said as he took the dress back and placed it back in the drawer and closing it.

“Even though I feel naked,” Eartha said “I think I need to wait until after Doctor Rat has been defeated to begin wearing clothes, I don’t think I would be able to move as well with clothes on that could be fatal in a fight.”

Don chuckled Leo had a similar complaint when he had to fight one time in heavy clothes to disguise himself as a Human it’s a real funny story…”

Just then Don and Eartha froze, they both noticed something out the attic window, bright burning flame…It was Ringo on fire, he was slowly floating into the air!
Eartha and Don quickly ran outside

“Ringo!” Eartha exclaimed “What are you doing?!”

At Eartha’s voice the Ringneck Snake Revenant was snapped out of his reverie as his eyes opened his flames vanished and he plummeted back into the garden below.
“How did you do that?” Eartha asked

“I…I…thought about practicing maintaining my body flames on the rock because rocks don’t burn…” Ringo said a bit amazed at what he himself had just done “Just trying to see how long I could maintain a steady flame over my entire body I didn’t realize I had gotten into the sky!”

“I see.” Don said realizing what had just happened “It’s like a hot air balloon your flames heated up the air around you and hot air rises so like a hot air balloon heating the air around you gave you lift.”

“In other words…” Mikey said “…Ringo just turned himself into a Snake version the Human Torch!”

“Huh?” Both Ringo and Eartha said

“Comic book reference.” Don said “We can explain it later.

Later Will returned with buckets of blue paint and white hair dye thus began to laborious process of painting the First Earth Humans’ skin blue and dying their hair white.

The smell of paint caused Eartha to flee the house and she went past the garden a bit further up the mountain from the cabin and she found a patch where there were no trees because there was a large patch of solid rock she could see the stars.

“Hey.” Don said “Just wanted to know where you were.”

“The smell of paint irritated my nose too much.” Eartha said

“Yeah it can do that.” Don said “I’ve smelled that scent many times, I’m pretty accustomed to it. I’ve smelled a lot of things that would cause most others to vomit.”

Eartha lay on her back and Don did the same. The scent of the flowers that Bill and summoned filled the air with sweetness.
Thinking about Bill’s song Don realized this World, Earth 6 was a Tuniverse because of the natives reactions to Bill’s song, they were amazed by his ability to sprout flowers but the music itself seemed normal to them. Don turned his head to a nearby bright orange poppy and he fingered the stem about to pick it but he decided he didn’t want to kill it and left it alone.

“Many years ago Humans saw pictures in the stars.” He said “The named those pictures and called them constellations.”

“Pictures in the stars?” Eartha asked

“Yeah,” Don said “Do you see those three stars in a row, that’s one of the most famous constellations, Orion the Hunter.”

“Hunter?” Eartha said

Don realized mentioning hunters might be a sensitive spot “Sorry.” He said quickly

“No, no.” Eartha said “Please continue…I realize most Humans aren’t evil, most just want to protect their own as any animal does other Animals hunt why would Humans be any different?”

Don smiled Eartha was progressing faster and faster, and he told her the story of Orion and other constellations…

Here I’m beginning Don’s mentor relationship with Eartha

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