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story begun at 1987 . now we have 2019 a brief review
It was very cold as I visited my cousin in Berlin. I should wait for him in "zologische Garten", railway station. My cousin told me by telephone, I shouldn't move from stage, in which the train hold up, because it ware difficult to find each other. After a while he came with a hut on his head. Rahim had been in Berlin for two years. we went to the student hostel, where he lived. He said to me that tonight there is a meeting from Iranian students and if I am willing can we go to the meeting hall together. I agreed and after a small meal, we went by feet to the hall which was not too far. There was not a hall, but a small classroom from uni. I sat on the last row. I was longing to know, what was all about and I get the clue when the first speaker begun to illustrate Tonight's schedule. the Gathering was against the shah of Iran.
Their argument was convincingly. So I "agreed" with what they said and became a member from student movement against shah-regime....

Three turbulent years have passed, until Shah leaves Iran. And the new Regime seize the power of the government. The new era has begone...

I am very sad and disturbed. All we fight for is fading into one night.
I was influenced by ideologies that were previously foreign to me.
My real story started at this moment, where I was empty from any politics, philosophy, imperialism, communism and so on....

Only One Point have had helped me to stand upright. The love and affection of my German girl friend Dagmar and her compassionate parents, Karl and Klara.
I learned from them how I can be affectionate and how I should show it.

to be continued.....
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