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She loves to work, She loves to be heard. She has curve, She rarely has a man
I love the way you dance,
Everything you do putted me in a trance.
I wish I'm your man, your husband.
Oh, babe, give me a chance?
I'll teleport you out of this world.
Transport you to a place similar to Disneyworld.
Glowing nighty sky,
Fireworks shootings as if they'd never die.
We can watch the moonlight,
Eat your favorite dish at a park during the night.
Smell the black roses.
No magick trick; simply Hocus Pocus, turn you to a witch.
A magnificent mistress,
Who's wearing the prettiest dress.
All pleasure, nothing but the best.
Forget cold and warm, the temperature is comfortable.
Where beautiful things unfold.
Fairy tales hasn't been told.
Illuminated colors are parts of the show.
Gemstones, diamonds and gold.
Crystal clear river; sparkling pink waterfall.
I can be Ken and you can be Barbie Doll.
I can be the prince, you can be anyone and more.
You can have anything and everything you wishes for.

She loves to work,
She loves to be heard.
She has curve,
She rarely has a man.
She loves to dance.
She has her own money, car, and house.
She loves to get dressed and be out.

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