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“He was here again wasn’t he?”
“ I thought you were going to stop seeing him”
“I didn't ask him to come. He just showed up. On his own.”
“ All these years that we struggled together, to put our kids through school, to put meals on the table, to make ends meet when we were both struggling through school and now with all of that behind us we are finally free to live our lives together and you decide to bring him into our lives, why?”
“ Im sorry Tom but its not enough for me. I get lonely. There are just times when I just need a companion that needs me back. Youre so self sufficient. There is never anything I can do for you. I need to be needed.”
Tom stepped back and bowed his head, he tried to take it all in, the words that she just spoke, the thought that he didn't need her. How could she feel that way? He blamed himself, wishing he had been more understanding, hoping he could find a way to convince her to give up this crazy idea, trying to find it in his heart to forgive her for letting him back into their lives. He raised his head and just stared at her, waiting for a final decision. Where was this going and how would it all end?
“Stop looking at me. I feel horrible. I don’t need your guilt.” She looked away and blushed. “ I wanted to tell you, but I know how you would react. I don’t want to fight anymore. You need to understand my feelings Tom.”
Ahh he exclaimed, “ Okay I give up. You can have your stupid dog!”
Oh thank you Tom, I promise when you get to know him, you’ll be so glad you changed your mind.
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