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sometimes is just about life and the way you act.
When i ask my friends;
How their life is, i get a mixture of answers; Some are depressed, Some are numb & Some say they're living their lives to the fullest.

Today lets just talk about those who say they're living.
I asked them,what living is to them; is living trying different drugs?
Is living getting sad over things you can make better?
Is living smoking so much that you end up getting cancer?
Is living so to the fullest that you end up on the hospital bed at the age of 19?

We think all these things make you experience life;When life is about so much more, When life is about being happy on the inside,
When life is about enjoying it even while making your breakfast; or going to school; or spending time with your parents' but not harimg yourself.

When living is laughing your ass off with your best friends,Or achieving your real life goals; When living is to achieve your passion & focus on what you're good at. When living is to travel around the world; Or experiencing the prettiest sunsets and sunrises and not taking pictures of it obviously.
When life is to give love, when life is not about being selfish or manipulative, When life is about doing little things for your partner,
When life is to be happy;
When life is to change yourself before you change your life.

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