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by inky
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Every day in Vermont can feel like being on vacation
We moved to Vermont over 3 months ago and some days still feel like we are here on vacation. This morning, for instance, I was very busy around the house watering the plants, collecting firewood for the fireplace and taking care of the dogs but it did not feel like I was doing chores. As I was carrying the water to the plants I remember thinking that this was more like a fun assignment that I could enjoy rather than a daily chore which just needed to be done. Maybe it has something to do with my age because I now take great pride in watching plants grow and change each day. However, that does not explain why I also enjoy collecting wood each day. This is certainly a task that I would have considered to be manual labor prior to living in Pittsburgh. Here I get rewarded because we actually use the fireplace to heat the house and I'm already looking forward to sitting right in front of it and warming up my fingers and toes.
We are really striving to live like the Vikings did and really enjoy not only every day but every little project and undertaking that makes up our day as well.

Thesis: every day here feels like we are on vacation
1- we recently moved to Vermont
2- we live like the Vikings
3- we enjoy every activity of each day
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