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I'm spitting holy fire, scarlet lightening, and hallowed bullets.
I'm spitting holy fire, scarlet lightening,
and hallowed bullets.
Not even the finest tanks able to
withstand my attacks as its travels
the planet earth similar to tourists.
I'ma serial killer when it comes to crafting ingenious poetry;
Secretly slaving everyone whomsoever daring to
challenges me in the music industry;
Enlightening, frightening the world mightiest military;
Diligently burning, turning the battlefield
into a catholic monks sanctuary;
Spectacularly emerging out the inferno as a fierce deity;
Blowing a cold blustery hurricane;
Having people scattering across the city immensely insane;
Reaching to the top of the chart is a serious end game.
I'ma fearless hunter setting the deadliest
traps for beasts to be tamed.
I'm aggressive, impressive, and competitive
when it comes to this hunting trip.
I'm an extraordinary player and without question,
I am able to gives out blood sport tips.
I silently and swiftly pulling out the devil daggers,
and within a split second, its all cutthroats;
disappearing during an eclipse like
an ancient assassin within the poison gas smokes.
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