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A typical narrative of the battle to gain a lady’s heart
"In love with a celebrity: the dilemma"

Should i go or should i stay? Is my interpretation right or wrong?. Should I rather listen to my brain or my heart.


She's but human, i convince myself. She remains a lady despite the fame. Friendly she is and kind she has always been, as if greetings weren't enough she gave me her time. As if time wasn't enough she offered her help and as if help wasn't enough she gave me attention. So does she love me or she's just being human? Is she considering knowing me on a personal note or is she just helping anonymously?.
Though the speed break was clear, should i be courageous a man to push my demand through or should i be gentle a man to respect her decision and give her apace?. My heart can't help but love this damsel, i can assure you we're good together but my head gives me a reality check. I'm reminded of the societal gab, influential difference and geographical disability.
So should i still give it a try and stand the chance to loose her friendship? The delima

My celebrity is still a celebrity to me.
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