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Writing about the
Lush green hills.
Scent that heals.
Scenic beauty of wisdom.

In this kingdom.
Lies the earth's paradise.
Its customs and cultures.
In foothills of Himalayas.
Saw a girl with long hair
Wearing the traditional attire.

Walking through woods
With a bad mood
Wounded soul and
Heart with hole.
Crying at corner, with
Unwanted broacher.

The horizon sun
Plays pun, in life
Full of ups and downs.
Wearing the crown
Of being sad drown
Unaffected thoughts
Of hot shots.

Left her with no-one
Waiting for that someone
Understand her, one by one
Every words she speaks.
Her heart out from its peaks.

Blind trusted everyone.
Left her like anyone.
Changed her for everyone.

Started leaving immaturity.
For sake of maturity.
Being strong with immunity.
Like vampires with no humanity.

Thoughts ripped apart
Seeing the dead part.
Whom she loved.
Leaving her stunned.
With regrets that sucked
Her of being dumped.

Left with rusted heart.
Her tattered skirt.
No one to trust,
With so much thrust.

Amused by events
Misused, her scents.
Judged by her friends.
Coloured with fake trends
As they pretends.

Broken with its
Heart-stricken switch
Of thoughts that flips.
Scene full of foggy mist
Gives a reason to bring twist.

Pours drops of rain
Washing her stain
Yet, a life to gain
Looked at vein of
Blood stain.
Slandered thoughts
Wanted to make fly
To the free sky
In the clouds high
With No sigh and lie.

Heart beats faster
Like roller coaster.
Butterflies plunging her stomach.
Saw a boy beneath the fog.
Makes her feeling jogged.

Boy never left her.
Fought against fears.
Make her mood cheer
Everything she share
Never stop to hear.
Emotions of tear.
"I am a Santa Clause.
She is my reindeer".

Shared some memories
The sadness that perished.
Makes her cherished.

Alas! Destiny plays its card
They were broken apart.
Only left with a pen writing
Poem of that drama queen.
Was, just a mannequin.
Before she met him.

Expectations, of being together
Reality, is other
Never lost love
Like the dark dove.

Cried like anything.
Tired from everything
Drinking and deinking
Her memories.

Watching the dark sky
Tried to make a fly
Leaving everything behind
Until he die


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