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14 years ago found and always return to my first writing home. Now New tales to share!
Hi, writing these words are a big blessing, because a lot of the past 14 years have been doing with not a lot of time for writing! If you poke around my portfolio here,you will find bits and pieces of life, over the years along with my attempts to cope and write about some of our many experiences,with family and friends and others like teachers.
We saw the economy bottom out,and how fast a 401k can become a shrinking safety net.
We unwittingly became homeless and struggled to be back in a place to live,as had been over 40 years.
I dealt with the cards in life's hand of fate given to me, over and over again. Like a phenomenal Phoenix,rising...
Insight and comedy born out of suffering and yet almost always strive to do better,help others and bring light to a sometimes,very dark world indeed.
Yet all it takes is one candle to chase the darkest nights away.
Many people hold the key with faith and kindness towards a better world.
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