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by Nicha
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Love from afar
My heart is heavy with sadness without him by my side.
Food has no flavor, flowers no scent. My smile holds no joy.
Miss him so much, tears flow like water from a faucet.
Sleep is my friend, lets me escape the pain my broken heart holds.
I hold on to the time we had together, the times yet to come. Can't come soon enough.
Feel so trapped, soul is cracked. Long to be in his arms, to hold all the pieces together again.
Some day in the future we will be one again. We'll be a force to be reckoned with, unbreakable bond.
Until then I remain loyal, determined.
The bond we share can not be broken.
We were brought together by Freya herself. You for me, me for you. Together forever, for all eternity.
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