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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2204387
Snippet from my Fanfiction The Heart of Life
Well people this is it, there have been false alarms before but I feel certain this is for real the last chapter for a while before I get a new computer I want to make this a great chapter so we have a battle along with some character development the design of the cyborg is based on a design in an Astroboy Manga where before the chapter there is a prologue where Astroboy is conversing with Tezuka and as Tezuka describes that nearly all the Human Body can replaced with machinery except the brain and nervous system standing next to him is a very disturbing cyborg with a long thin snout and treadmill tracks

As the sun rose over the Mountain the freshly painted Humans gathered all the various Animal Peoples together and they bid good bye to Will and Liz, they left at dawn because as they would ascend the Mountain the plants would eventually cease growing and they would be in the desert again.

As the Heroes began their climb in another Mountain Doctor Rat had retreated to his hall of Olympian Deities, Trotter watched him in disgust as his employer lay on the floor crying like a little bitch.

See after Donatello declared his intention to Doctor Rat that he would kill him, Doctor Rat had been terrified! His attempt to intimidate the Turtle with a psychic attack had failed, that Black Mamba that had been Trotter’s former employer and pulled the Turtle from the Dream.
Why was Doctor Rat falling to pieces over one Mutant Animal’s declaration of doom? In that moment Donatello declared his intentions to Doctor Rat, The Rat got a sense of Donatello’s will and he instantly felt the Turtle’s will was stronger than his own, He was beginning to feel that that Donatello wasn’t really a Turtle but a Turtle-Shaped Reaper who was a sign that his fun would soon be ending and despite his insistence that Animals including himself had no souls and thus had no afterlife, despite his own insistence that ‘Death is Freedom’ he was terrified at the thought of his own death! Because the despite his own insistence he would have no afterlife he felt somewhere deep down that his death would mean something other than merely ceasing to exist, that there would be ‘Hell to pay’ as in his soul would be paid to Hell the instant he died. But he didn’t knew how he knew that.

Despite his vast psychic abilities Trotter had no idea of what Doctor Rat was thinking he only thought he was so weak-willed that he was completely terrified by the first creature who had no fear of him (Which was not unlike the Wrangler Humans Trotter had encountered)

At last, Trotter could stand it no longer and he exclaimed “You’re a disgrace to villains everywhere!”

Doctor Rat stopped crying and turned to Trotter
“So you got spooked that, that Turtle wants to kill you, you have weapons at your disposal most can only dream of! Why don’t we send one of the cyborgs instead of those filth monsters?”

Meanwhile as our heroes were climbing the Mountain, Donatello couldn’t stop thinking about Bill’s song finally he said “Morgan…”

“Hmmm?” The Black Mamba turned her head

“I was thinking…” Don said “…About the Tuniveres and all the things you natives of Tuniverses can do with music, twice I sang, once to save Belladonna from death by fear and one time…The music began and…I found my tongue possessed to sing words I wouldn’t naturally say…I remember hearing that our two worlds bled into each other so that the ‘Music’ might actually have crossed over into our Dimension permanently so I figure I should actually learn about the Music…When I sing I was frequently out of breath and I noticed this doesn’t happen with you guys.”

Morgan’s tongue flicked in and out with thought and then she said “Donatello, did you make sure breathe deeply from your lower lungs while singing?”

Don stopped for a moment and then chuckled “And here I realize I don’t know the first about singing.”

“We can teach you.” Morgan said “Our History has a long legacy of singing warriors, what once believes were ancient myths we have come to realize were actually ancient wars against the Hatemongers entire armies of Singing Warriors sang until they blew out their vocal cords fighting the Hatemongers and they were never able to sing or speak ever again.”

Don rubbed his throat and Leo found himself doing the same even though the way of the Ninja was silence and secrecy, there was that member of the Ninja Tribunal Hisomi who ceased speaking after becoming the Master of Stealth but there was a difference between choosing of one’s own volition to never speak and permanently sacrificing your voice, to never be able to speak a word again even though you very much want to Don and Leo were beginning to see that the loss of your voice can be like the loss of a limb.

Finally as the Heroes neared the peek the plants ceased growing our heroes were exhausted and they decided to break for lunch.
“We’ve waiting long enough.” Jonathan said to Eartha and Ringo “We have excess amount of meat in our cooler we haven’t eaten because we didn’t want to offend the inhabitants of New Eden but we’re here, we’re exhausted, we intend to eat our meat.”

“We’ll take ourselves somewhere we can’t smell it.” Eartha said “…Before we do so, do you have any of those delicious chocolate bars?”

Mikey tossed Eartha two bars of solid milk chocolate.

Si’Ni also wasn’t hungry, or more accurately she didn’t want to eat when it was very likely Pig meat would be eaten.

As Eartha and Ringo began to tuck into their chocolate bars, Si’Ni approached them “The peek is just a few feet away, do you want to surmount it?”

After days without meat the Humans and other Carnivores found the meat was the most delicious they had ever eaten even if was just some grocery store cold cuts there ravenous lunch was cut short by a blood curdling squeal! Si’Ni ran past them, covering her eyes, squealing!

“Si’Ni!” Ichabod exclaimed “What is it?!”

“On the other side!” Si’Ni gasped through her hyperventilation “On the other side of the peek, I saw him! And the others!”

Ichabod, Jonathan and the Turtles surmounted the peek and were horrified and disgusted by what they saw, the ‘Him’ Si’Ni mentioned was the Vampire Bat Janah she spoke to, dead as a doornail his torso sliced open and all the internal organs had been harvested the Bat was only the freshest of various who had been killed and their organ harvested in various states of decay in this hideous landfill of death!

Eartha and Ringo stood silent, unable to move, they were having hideous flashbacks of their own deaths smelling all the rot and decay.
Then came a sound like the clanking of gears, at once Eartha bared her teeth and her velvety fur which normally is supposed to stay smooth bristled, and Ringo hissed, small spurts of flame coming from his mouth!

Below them was coming a giant cyborg! A Human’s brain and nervous system had been placed in a hideous mechanical body the head vaguely resembled a bird with a long thin proboscis that resembled a beak mechanical pincers for hands and moved on treadmill tracks like a tank.

“Um…” Don said to the two Revenants “…Guys.”

“It’s him!” Eartha snarled “He’s one of the destroyers!”

Don had no idea how Eartha knew that but before he could say anything, Ringo’s body became engulfed by flame and he launched himself into the air! He circled around the cyborg which tried to catch the flying serpent with his pinchers but Ringo was too quick!

Ringo then ascended several feet above the Cyborg’s head and then dove! Giving a flaming body slam to the cyborg’s neck breaking it and thus by attacking where the nervous system met the brain causing the entire cyborg to break down!

Doctor Rat and Trotter were watching this and the strange ‘Lab TV’ that seemed to be able to view anyplace in the world except for the New Eden much to Doctor Rat’s dismay.

Doctor Rat was horrified that a mere Snake had been able to destroy one of his finest cyborgs but Trotter was thrilled almost feeling like he was about to have an orgasm!

“I must see these two creatures up in person!” Trotter exclaimed

“What the?!” Exclaimed Doctor Rat
“We must!” Exclaimed Trotter “You’re a Scientist, don’t you want to find the source of their talents?”

But Doctor Rat realized that the Purple Banded Turtle wasn’t all he had to worry about the Mole and the Ringneck Snake were also the greastest dangers to him.

And here is where Eartha and Ringo finally put themselves on Doctor Rat’s radar, until then he hadn’t even noticed them, because he wanted to Mutant Cubs so much
© Copyright 2019 Twiga (twiga at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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