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by murli
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Please come with me for a trip to somewhere not known
Hi Dear Readers, please take your Sleeping bag, take a few days off, say goodbye to your cellphone and follow me by imagination power, which you have in reserve, in the Ocean of Story, where I am waiting for You. The-North-Direction of the Story-Ocean is similar to the North-Pole in Your World.
About the other direction you shouldn't care about, because we go straight forwards to the south.
In the midway we would have a break for resting and napping. So are You ready? Let's fly.

On the Ocean I am waiting. surely You are there but we must wait for Monika, the German girl.
She told me she will be here in a few moments. I do not know why she is late. Aha there is she. Look an the shore left to you!
"What is that?", you ask me, pointing in the other direction, right to you. You are so curious that without hesitation run to the point you showed me. After a while you bring me a thing which is packed in a yellow cloth. You take it out of the cloth and give it to me. It is a book. The cover of it is also yellowish.

while I open the book you and other new coming sit expectant on the shore of the Story-Ocean and all your glance is attached to me. I begun to read from yellowish Book.

"Lieber Darius, ich widme Dir dieses Buch mit der Hoffnung, dass Du es auf der Story-Ocean finden kannst."

All your glance turned dimly. Aha she wrote in German. God save me, I must translate it in English?!
No problem, my aunt google translator will help...

"Dear Darius I dedicate this book to you with the hope that you will find it on The Story-Ocean".

so my dear readers and everyone gathered here, Please forgive me for not being able to continue reading...
because first of all I am right now very emotional and secondly the translation with google costs time and money. Please make yourself comfortable here until I go and make some money and translate some pages. mercy beauque! I will be back soon. -:)

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