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This is for a contest that I'm entering.
When a proper welcome is received, the better you're perceived. The joy you feel makes it real; this joy makes your face glow with a genuine smile, so genuine that people will know that it's not a show.

The appearance of it all is an adherence to the greatness that holds a friendship together. Through the trials and tears, a real friendship will last throughout the years without worrying about fears of losing this wonderful bond. It's when you can relax by the pond, being fond of the ducks as they swim gracefully by, kind of like a fairy tale in a world where a dolphin meets up with a whale and fishes were swimming around in a pail.

A proper welcome is a firm handshake that tells you are special; it's a solid affirmation where you don't have to squirm about, feeling an uneasiness about your relationship. There's no place for any queasiness to remain; the confidence in this matter strengthens your ability to overcome the odds, no matter what situation you may be in.

A proper welcome is the excitement of seeing you return after being gone for a while or after a trip. It's an atmosphere in space that gives you that feeling of lightness that makes you float. Like no other personality, it's like you're on air blowing bubbles; an airiness of delight with an aura that appeals to everybody.

A proper welcome is when your special somebody gives you a hug, embracing the qualities that make you unique; it's the physique that makes you strong; it doesn't let you down; it lets you know that I'm around.

A proper welcome is a simplistic approach to a fantastic view, just knowing that your picture is in a frame; your name is a recognition of memorable events that brings reality back to life.

A proper welcome lets you fulfill your dreams; it has no room for schemes that want to destroy you. A dream can become a reality if you believe in yourself with the support of others. You can succumb to meaningful inspirations of the mind that can turn the negativity into positivity. Positivity can manage your thoughts of an individuality that only you can handle; when the final draft is out in the open, you can celebrate the victory by lighting a candle. This will bring you peace of mind, knowing that others can be so kind.

A proper welcome gives you the recognition that you so deserve, meaning that you can preserve the originals and reserve them for another time. A rhyme a day can bring out the necessary credentials for writing a song that's so delightful that it will shine out among the people, even when you're sitting at the bus depot. So, don't create a fuss; it would be nice if you didn't cuss. Be polite so that you can reunite with your friend.

An enlightening experience gives you hope, instead of putting you in a position where you don't cope. For a refreshing time of getting into the act, clean up the dirt by putting on a new shirt after getting out the soap and getting yourself clean. This might get you to say nice things instead of saying mean things.

Thinking up phrases that inspire phases of moments that might make you want to dance, take that chance to write up a story; you may find that it's not that gory. Surprise yourself with a very nice treat; it'll give you some comfort without defeat. Start writing your story today.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Thursday, October 31, 2019
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2204424-A-Proper-Welcome