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by Ro el
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2204447
It's all about the man in the mirror
I grew up, understanding the world I lived in, l knew everything about it until that faithful day I did realize; before then I do remember everything.
I remember seeing my mother, She indeed carrying me in her arms, I did remember Daddy driving the family out to church to school and sometimes to his office in his car; I did remember seeing my big sis sitting before a mirror and I standing far off behind her trying to look good or beautiful to say

All my life, everything I ever saw was all through the mirror and each time I look away from this
Mystery Mirror
I fade away like one casted down into a deep sleep but can still feel that behind me in the mystery mirror life await
When I open my eyes to see that would in the mirror, I saw a different look on my face and a new feeling, that of pain, sorrow, joy, happiness, love and heat; sometimes I feel confused on what next to do, I make decisions in my heart on what next to do all I don't remember doing until that faithful day

I had this feeling; it was that of deep sorrow, hurt and rejection and all I needed was someone to comfort me but all I had was the man in the Mirror of Mystery
He looked into my eyes and I saw fear; slowly he stretch forth his left arm to me and I reach out to him on my right arm and we placed our hands together separated by this time layer of glass that divides our world. Suddenly I felt this transformation, it felt like I was pulled out to the other side; at that i felt strong, letting go of the glass I turned around only to see a whole new world

I couldn't believe my eyes, in me was a new strength I took a bit of my time to look at the beautiful sight, I made no move for a long while and then I turned back to the mirror and there in it he stands with a big smile on his face and then I realized that I was the man in the mirror; and am out to face the world
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