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Living in a small town you run into the same circle of people that your relatives know too
My sister's family lives a few miles away from me so we visit each other from time to time. It would seem that one of my boyfriends played recreational basketball with my brother-in-law. It would seem that my neighbor played recreational basketball with my brother-in-law. Once more, it would seem that my insurance sales agent played recreational basketball with my brother-in-law all back in the day. I feel I'm on a team somehow.

My sister's kids are grown now and middle aged. But we get together on some holidays here and there. I have nieces and nephews and friends both in town and out of town. On one occasion when I was giving a police report in my living room the officer recognized one of my nieces in a wall photo that he went to school with. That sales agent I mentioned above also recognized my other niece and our friend that I had more photos of. When I purchased a new car recently the car salesman told me that he knows my sister that was with me at time of purchase. She and my brother-in-law had purchased there current car from him previously. Years ago at my girlfriend's house her son had a friend over that I knew to be my Mother's gardener when I was there visiting. My caseworkers both know my sister and brother-in-law from church or of the church. My previous maintenance man told me he knows my church and a few of my church friends.

So, everywhere I turn sometimes--there is the same circle of friends and/or family connection. I don't know if it is good or bad but there isn't much privacy as in a larger town or city. I'm not so private so I don't mind others knowing others. It is a little fun to talk about who you know if they are not your enemy.

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