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Fictional Story
Mark, Sally and I arrived at the marina and we walked to my boat. After the two of them untied the boat from the dock, I turned it on. I drove carefully away from the dock. Once the boat was out far enough, I turned off the motor. While Mark and Sally were getting the water tube ready, I grabbed the cord. When they were both done, I tied the cord to the tube. That is when Mark decided that he would go first.

He threw the tube over the boat, then he jumped in the water. He swam over, and climbed on the tube. When ready, he gave the signal. I turned the motor back on and started to drive the boat, at one forth speed. Not too long after that, Mark signaled that he wanted to go faster. So, I increased the speed. I also started to drive the boat even further away from land.

By now, the boat was going about two thirds speed. Mark bounced up and down. He had a hard time holding on. He gave the signal and I stopped the boat. When it was at a complete stop, I walked over to the end of the boat.

“Is everything alright?” I asked him.

“No, my leg hit something in the water, it hurts really bad.”

He decided to rest on the tube for about ten minutes, before trying to head back to the boat. But it seemed as if his leg was still sore. He couldn’t swim back to the boat. So, Sally and I had to pull the cord and bring him in. While pulling the tube back, I noticed Mark was looking down. Something underwater must have caught his attention.

“Um…can you pull faster,” Mark said to us with worriment.

We tried to speed things up. When Mark was almost to the boat, a shark came up from the water; bit the cord and broke it. Mark was now on his own, drifting away from the boat.

“Hang on Mark, I am going to move the boat closer to you,” I said.

I tried to start the boat, but the remaining cord got tangled around the motor, and shorted it out. Mark drifted more and more away from the boat. I looked back at him, and he was looking in the water. It seemed as if the shark was still around.

“Now what?” asked Sally.

“I don’t know. Maybe there is something down below deck. You try to see what you can find, while I look at the motor.”

I walked over to the motor. I carefully pulled it out of the water. I looked at the tangle cord, and thought how was I going to get that off in time. After about a minute later, Sally came back up.

“Did you find something down below?”

“I found a flare gun and a knife. But that is it.”

“Let me see the knife.”

I was cutting the cord as fast as I could. When done, I tried to start it back up again.

“Darn, no luck. Must have blown a fuse.”

I walked over and opened the motor up.

“I have to go down and get new fuses, stay here and keep an eye on Mark.”

I ran down below deck to get my tool box. On my way up, I heard small splashing in the water. I looked out at the water. Mark tried to paddle to the boat. I went back to fixing the motor. I was about halfway down, when Sally spotted movement in the water. The shark had returned.

“Mark, stop paddling,” said Sally.


Mark didn't stop.

“I said stop paddling!” she yelled.

The shark made his move. It swam toward the tube. Jumped out of the water and hit it hard. Mark fell off the tube and splashed into the water. While I was finishing things up, Sally thought how she could help Mark. She saw the knife and picked it up.

“Mark, heads up,” said Sally.

Mark watched the knife fly in the air. It was going to hit him, so he quickly dove underwater. He did not surface quickly and that made Sally worry even more. But he eventually did and she let out a sigh. I was done replacing the fuses.

I looked back at the water. Mark grabbed the knife. He surveyed the water for the shark. When I saw the shark in the water, I yelled at Mark. He turned toward the shark. Waited for the right moment, then he dove underwater. Sally and I waited nervously. Blood appeared at the surface. Sally and I just stood there, wondering if that was Mark’s blood. Mark came up a few seconds later, near the boat.

“I got him.”

“How is your leg?” asked Sally.

“Still a little sore, but for the most part it’s fine.”

I lowered ladder and he got in the boat. When the two of them were ready, I tried to start the motor again.

“Ok, let’s get out of here.”

I started the boat up again, but it was not going well. The motor had made a bad sound and stopped again. I looked back and saw a small amount of smoke. I walked over to the motor to take another look.

“Yea, I don’t know what is wrong with it, now.”

“Well, I guess we are going to have to use the radio to call for help” said Mark.

“Yea, about that. I been meaning to get that fix.”


“It broke last week or so. I was too lazy to get it replaced. Didn’t think it was that urgent.”

Mark sighed and tried to not panic.

“Ok, so now what?” said Mark.

At that moment Sally looked out at the water.

“Wow Mark, you got that shark good, look,” said Sally.

The pool of blood got bigger.

“Sally that is not important right now. We need to figure out what to do next,” said Mark.

After Mark stopped talking, there was a large bump under the boat.

“What was that?” asks Sally.

“Could it be the shark?” I asked.

“I don’t think so, I stabbed him many times. I even saw him sink to the bottom.”

The boat was bumped again. After that happened, we noticed a shark was near the blood, followed by two more. We stood there, and watched them swim around. Freaking out every time one hit the boat, while trying to come up with an idea. By the fifth bump, I noticed the flare gun sliding across the floor. I quickly grabbed it at shot it in the air.

“Well, I hope that works, because I only had one flare,” I said.

“Only one? Don’t those things come with more?” asked Mark.

“Yea, about that. I shoot a few in the past. I started with one, to test it out. It looked cool, so I shot a few more.”

“And let me guess, you were too lazy to get more?”

“Hey now. At least I saved one. Be glad for that. If you want to be helpful, why don’t you grab the knife and fight the sharks, since you have the experience now.”

Before Mark can say something back, two big bumps caused the boat to move back and forth, more than before. Our eyes were wide-open when we saw how close the side of the boat was to the water. Don’t know about the others, by my heart started to beat more. Never have I ever felt more worried in my life.

“Hey look, it’s another boat!” said Sally.

Mark and I turned toward her direction. Out in a vast distance we saw a speedboat heading our way. I squinted to read the white letters that are on a red background.

“I think it’s the Coast Guard”

“I guess the flare worked after all,” said Mark.

But soon, hope was to be lost, as the boat was hit hard, again. And because we were all standing on one side, our weight caused the boat to tip just enough to start going in the water. We ran fast to the other side, thinking it would pull the boat back up. But it was no luck. Water continued to pour in, the boat was capsizing.

The bloody knife fell into the water and caused the sharks to swim near the sinking side. We all tried to hold on to the edge of the boat and not slide down. But, Mark couldn’t hold on long enough. His fingers gave way and he started to slide down. I tried to reach out and grab him. But he moved too fast. He yelled as he got closer to the water. Sally couldn’t watch and turned her head away. I cringed when he splashed in the water.

The splash alerted the sharks. Thinking quickly, I noticed the tool box. It was on the floor, resting against a seat. I carefully let go and slid toward the seat. I almost didn’t make it, but managed to grab the seat, in time. With one hand I opened the tool box and grabbed a screwdriver.


I let the screwdriver slide down the boat and it fell in the water. He grabbed it just in time, as one of the sharks came toward him. I grabbed another one and fell in, to help him. The shark swam close but not close enough to attack it. We decided to wait, and only attack if needed. Didn’t want more blood in the water, if we could help it.

That didn’t last long, as another shark swam fast at us with its mouth wide open. We braced ourselves and the shark attacked. It cut my left arm as I tried to stab it. Mark got the other side of the shark. When done, it was hurt bad and swam off. The blood from the shark attracted the other two. With an injured arm, I got ready. Before they attacked, Mark said to me…

“I will get the left one. You get the right one.”

I nodded even though I had my doubts. Seconds later the sharks attacked us, I fought hard, to hit it; but it struck first. Was now hurt on both arms. Mark tried to help me and his right legs were bit hard. And it was not over yet. Unlike last time, these sharks quickly struck again. Took small bits out of me. I was in so much pain, I started to pass out. The last thing I heard was Sally screaming and crying.

I woke up in a hospital bed. My body was sore. I couldn’t move my arms and legs. I noticed they were warped up. I felt lucky I didn’t lose any limbs. Felt even luckier that I am still alive. Why am I alive? I looked around the room. I was the only one in it, until a nurse walked in. She seemed to have noticed that I was awake.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

I thought it was an odd thing to ask, but responded anyways.

“Been better. How’s the shark?”

I tried to make a joke about the situation. But after I did, it didn’t feel right. I was in too much pain and was worried.

“Where is Mark and Sally? Where are my friends?”

“They are fine. Mark is next door resting. Sally is with him. If you want,
I can tell her you’re awake?”

“Yea, that will be fine.”

The nurse walked out of the room. A few minutes later, Sally quietly knocked on the door and opened it.

“How’s Mark?”

“Doing fine. How are you?”

Thought about making another joke, but didn’t.

“Not going to lie, I am in a lot of pain. How did I get here?”

“Not too long after you passed out, the Coast Guard showed up. You were lucky.”

“Mark…is he…?”

“He is not as bad as you.”

I rest my head on the bed and sighed. I closed my eyes for about two seconds and opened them. While still resting, I continued to talk to Sally.

“(sigh)…I am getting tired again. I think I will take a nap.”

“Ok, well I will be next door, with Mark. I will check back with you later.”

I closed my eyes. Sally quietly walked to the door and closed it slowly. I was relived that Sally and Mark are fine. I started thinking about the events on the boat, until I feel asleep.
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