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To stay or go...that is the decision.
The Other Side of the Bridge

Kathleen McNamara

I got the call yesterday afternoon. Eight years of hard work about to pay off. Everything I asked for, agreed upon. But instead of excitement and anticipation, I am torn.

It's dawn. Bundled in a favorite sweater, I sit on the steps of the porch with a steaming mug of coffee in my hands. The rising steam drifting away on the early morning breeze. Sipping the warm brew, I gaze out at the cropped corn fields, dew glittering on the stubble. The earth now dormant after harvest.

This old house in the country has been a place of refuge from the cacophony of city life. Every summer after school, I looked forward to driving down the winding dirt road, smiling at the scarecrow, a silent sentinel at the front gate. The same old holiday flag sways once more in these chill November breezes as crispy leaves swirl around its post. This farm is my family's past, my anchor.

But now my future is calling. It waits for me in the city. So why do I hesitate? Why do I fear what lies on the other side of Masons Bridge?

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