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How Daylight Saving came to be.
Time gods looked at Earth narrowly,
thought dark hindered humans to a fault.
Reasoned daylight savings would be good;
urged the farmers, politicians too.

Stars of distant galaxies rejoiced;
(halt dark—even as a metaphor.)
Stars are in the business making light…
saving light a most auspicious thing.

Once upon a time the clocks stood still;
species homo sapiens arose.
Then Time gods looked at humanity
knowing they needed doubt’s benefit.

Save the time, oh stewards of the Earth!
Harvest the corn, winter wheat and soy.
The cattle come home at sun’s setting—
time be of man to foster progress.

Time gods allow for tempers rising;
they know this is inherent in man.
Time to reset all digital clocks;
man gets pissed…Time gods merely shrug.

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