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just another day in the life of a bus
It is evening and I am here to take them back,
They were happy this morning but not now.
The pain on their faces tells me, how hard and desperate they were for this competition
I wish I could do something to cheer them up,
But nothing I can except accompanying them back safely.
I cheer with people in their success, also understands their pain in failure.
I enjoy playing with kids in morning rides,
Also, I help them to rejoice on their way back.
I run for you to make your way on time,
Also, I let you rest on your way back home.
Some people want to ignore spending time with me
Whereas, some always enjoy my company.
I see every day, faces with the misery of going away, and joy of coming back.
At times I help you in building bonds of your life, and sometimes I take you to your happy lands.
Yet, I find my happiness in doing the same thing over and over again till my wheels run...
Yours sincerely

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