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Sometimes people are only around for a short time in your life. Do you remember?
Do you remember when I was little, and you would take me to the park? The day would always start with a walk to the local bakery. We would buy Iced Buns, my all-time favourite, and then we would meet your best friend and mine too. You and Aunty would sit on the bench and have catch up whilst my friend and I would run around the place, go on adventures on the train that never moved and race across the obstacle course.

Do you remember when I was little, and I’d go with you to the hair dressers? You would buy me a snack and then we would go to the same place as always. We would walk in, head up the stairs and you’d have your hair washed. Then we’d move to the next room along where you’d have your hair dried and permed. The whole time I would be sat at your feet with my snack, making sure to watch what the hair dresser was doing, being quiet while you both chatted.

Do you remember when I was little, and you taught me how to knit? We would sit in your dining room and you would measure me up for a new cardigan, and I’d be so in awe of what you were doing that when I was finally able to do something myself I just made a thousand squares and a scarf that was far too short and had too many and too few stitches in all the wrong places.

Do you remember when I was little, and you would sing me to sleep? Go to sleep my baby, close those big brown eyes, it’s time for Nanny’s little baby to go to sleep. Or my favourite, I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain, to see for certain, what I thought I knew. I’d fall asleep dreaming of magic and happiness.

Do you remember when I was little, and you would turn your music up loud? I thought your songs were rubbish but your singing brought magic to my life. I even tried to get you on the singing programmes on the telly.

Do you remember when I was little, and you would come to every single performance? Whether it was a school play, a music or dance recital, my drama group or a guides show. You would always clap the loudest, and go to chat to the organiser at the end. Used to embarrass me to the highest of heavens.

Do you remember when I was little, and you’d talk to the cashier at the grocery store? You would greet them like an old friend, notice the little changes in their appearance, you would ask them about their days, about their families, about their plans. I used to be so confused about how you knew them and when I figured out that you didn’t, I used to feel awkward that you were so captivated by the lives of strangers. I know now that you were just wanting to humour them and put a smile on their faces.

Do you remember when I was little, and you would always be by my side? Whenever I had a tiny little tiff with my parents, or friends, or siblings, and I would call you straight away and you would come and pick me up? You would rescue me whenever I needed. You would lead me to wherever I needed to go.

Do you remember when I was little, and we would have sleepovers? We would stay up late and watch New Tricks, or Inspector Morse, or Poirot. You would have a glass of wine in hand and I, a can of Irn Bru. It would get late so you would go to the kitchen and make us each a cheese sandwich. Then for dessert we would have magnum ice creams. White chocolate ones if I was lucky. Then I would fall asleep on the sofa and somehow wake up next to you in bed the following morning.

Do you remember when I was little?
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