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Too precious to spend...

The most valuable currencies in life are health and happiness.

The bank of life leases us an indeterminate loan with fluctuating interest rates, a redemption date none of us knows, and which invariably comes too soon.

Money might buy us fleeting happiness, but we will never have enough, so that’s why happiness cannot be purchased.

Our bodies are a lottery of billions of cells spinning in a casino of endless possibilities, with only three inevitable outcomes: win, lose or draw.

In the pursuit of life we are all winners.

Our prize was not realized until months later, but our birth was proof that each one of us was the fastest, strongest and most motivated of millions who raced against us.

In the pursuit of life we are all losers.

It’s inevitable. We will lose more than we win. Yet each loss defines us and drives us to be a better version of who we once were, and what we strive to be.

Which leaves us with a conundrum.

The draw is in the constant contemplation of seeking that which guides us, defines us, and drives us ever forward in the pursuit of something money simply cannot buy.

On our torrid journey we seek solace in the sum of our experience that equates to a total most of us deem fair to justify.

That’s just another way of saying I tried my best.

Live like you would.
Love like you should.

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