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by Paul
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She got it right long-term.
“What are you doing?”

“Setting it up. All creepy houses must have a white candle in a window with black draping. It’s a requirement.”

“June, you’ve lost what little you had left. A candle with dark drapes? I hope you upped the fire coverage.”

“It’s a battery candle with a flickery thingy on top that looks like a flame. From what you’ve told me, they’ll love it.”

“But why this?”

“You said they’re Rumanian from Brasov and that’s just up the road from Dracula’s stomping grounds.”

“You’re kidding, right?... you’re not... are you? God, June, they’re customers. We’re supposed to be entertaining them, not insulting them. Dracula! Halloween was last month.”

“Lighten up, David, I talked to Marge and she said they have a lovely sense of humor. She and Stan were there for two weeks last year.”

“I know, he brings it up at least once a week. I’m getting tired of hearing it.”

“Be kind. Now you get to show them our country. I’m glad they agreed to stay with us. I’ve had the south wing guest suite set up for them. Their cars been serviced too. I hope they like the Jaguar.”

“I think we should take down the drapes and candl— Oh, Crap, they’re here.”

“Nicolae and Dorina, welcome to our home.”

“Thank you, David and June. Our gratitude does not match the splendor of your home.”

“It’s been in the family for almost a hundred years. Oh, yours probably goes back much further.”

“We come from different cultures, different countries, but were still much alike, David. Thank you for sharing your home with us.

Dorina and I had a good laugh arriving. We weren’t sure we’d stay until we saw your window, we prefer staying with people who have humor.”
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