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by Norman
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I thought that I'd try yoga
No one likes a misfit
Who sighs and whines and bawls
Who curses every fault he makes
Who bangs upon the walls

He is no fun to play with
No fun to be around
You look about just hoping
A way out can be found

Then all at once it hits you
That you’re the whiney lout
You’re the big sore loser
That they all talk about

I guess I am a whiner
‘Cause I don’t like to lose
But I don’t shout at others
It’s just me that I abuse

I think I can do better
I never like to fail
When I'm not doing my finest
That’s when you’ll hear me wail

And I’m not getting better
In fact, I getting worse
So yes, that makes me angry
It makes me want to curse

Okay, I have to stop that
Control my mouth and face
Learn to live with disappointment
Learn to fail with style and grace

And cursing won’t improve things
I think I’ve learned that well
And no one wants to play with
Someone who'll curse and yell

They kicked me out of yoga
They said I wasn’t right
I’d have to find some other class
‘Cause I was too uptight

But that’s why I tried yoga
I thought it might work out
Ease my tension and anxiety
That’s what yoga’s all about

And now I’m in the hallway
They banned me from that class
They said I don’t belong there
My language was too crass

So I thought I’d take up pottery
Yeah, that’s where I belong
I’m sure that it will calm me down
And where could I go wrong?
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