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Rykon is healed but Opal has caught Elwith and their mission begins again.
Opal sat on her throne of bones, her metal clawed rings tap tapped against it, the bones splintered and hit the floor. In front of her she had a caldron and witnessed the elves arriving into the centaurs territory, a place she couldn’t enter. Their magic too strong, the foggy moat surrounded their whole home and protected them. She watched with intrigue as the centaur pulled Rykon into the emerald water.
“Heal him all you like healer, but I shall get my talons on these elves again!” She called out to an empty throne room, with one flick of her wrist she misted the image.

Rysaras helped his brother into the water while the centaur began to chant, both elves now knelt in the water; the centaur cupped her hands and gently poured the water on his head, it began to glow and bubble as the water began to heal him. The centaur began to chant louder and louder as the glow began to intensify, the elves covered their eyes and the centaurs eyes glowed.
Rykons veins began to glow, and his blood burned but he did not whimper but after a few more heart beats the process was over. Rykon looked around at them all he opened his mouth to speak but only a squeak came out. “That’s it!” The centaur exclaimed and fell to her knees.
“D…Did it work?” His vocal chords were healed he could speak once again. “W…We need to catch Opal before its too late!”
“Take it slow,” Rysaras said as he helped his brother out of the water.
“You may rest here for as long as you need. You all look like you could do with rest,” she said before handing both elves towels and disappeared into the steam.
“I say we get a drink,” Elwith said. All four left the healing springs and found the tavern of the centaurs, it was much like their own but a bit bigger. Their tables were lower and all sat with their legs folded under them, the elves grabbed a table in the corner all crossing their legs as they sat.
“I’m glad you suggested this place Paolo,” Rysaras said. “My brother had no one to turn to, and I know how miserable he would be and so I am forever in your debt.”
“Don’t be silly, I would have done the same for all of you,” Paolo replied.
“Shush and drink up!” Elwith joked and slapped him on the back playfully.

Opal paced up and down the hall, the heels of her boots unforgivingly thudded against the onyx stone. The centaurs healing powers had scarred the right side of her face, she called in four of her best warriors. They were withered, walking skeletons, their rags dragged across the floor; they wheezed rather than forming words. “I want you to hunt down these elves and kill them all! But leave the captain for me and oh just for fun you can burn down the centaurs home to,” she smiled sinisterly. “Now be gone!”
The skeletons rushed out, mounted horses of bone and took off in the direction of the centaurs home.

Rysaras and Elwith both knocked back another shot of lily water which was highly concentrated, it made elves tipsy within minutes of the first taste. “I think you both should stop before something bad happens,” Paolo suggested.
“No I am going t…to prove that I can beat your brother,” Elwith slurred and spilt his lily water all over the place. Rysaras began to laugh and fell onto the floor; all the centaurs began to stare at the elves and a few laughed finding their strange behaviour amusing. A few covered the ears and eyes of their children, a fawn with red goat legs, wild curly red hair and black twisting horns approached the elves.
“I thinks it time you lads were retiring to your quarters,” he said, his accent thick it was clear he was from the north.
“My…My good sir I…I would like another!” Rysaras demanded and slapped his hand down on the wood of the table.
“No you’ve had enough laddie,” he said.
“We’ll be going now!” Paolo exclaimed, Rykon helped Paolo remove the drunk elves and to their quarters not far from the healing springs. Elwith hit his bed hard, followed by Rysaras but Rykon and Paolo sat on their balcony both smoking pipes. “I see it’s been a whle since Rysaras drank.”
“Yes, he swore it off after that accident happened,” Rykon replied taking a deep drag and exhaling a smoke butterfly.
“I guess he needed it after worrying about you so much,” Paolo said looking over at the red haired elf.
“Perhaps,” he answered.
Elwith was lost deep in sleep but Opal entered into his room, she sat on the edge of his bed she ran her slender fingers through his thick locks. “You thought you could cheat me!” she laughed and dragged her clawed fingers down his chest.
“You’re not real,” he mumbled.
“How do you know?” she asked now laying next to him, her back against the wall. He could feel her temptation, the warmth coming from her body. Paolo heard him talking in his sleep and went to investigate he saw him touching thin air, and still he continued to talk to himself. He knew she was there. He sat at the edge of their beds and began to meditate, the gold light began to ignite to from his being.
“While I’m in your dreams captain your friends power is useless,” she giggled and ran her fingers down his chest again.
“He will try regardless,” Elwith said.
“Well let him try,” she said and bit her lip. She rested a finger under his chin and pulled him closer to hers till their lips met.
“Elwith no!” Paolo exclaimed and began to chant louder and harder hoping his power would over rule her but it was futile, she now had Elwith under her grip. Scratches began to appear on his body as she sunk her talons into his flesh.
“Come back to the dark world with me. Be my prince of darkness,” she whispered into his ear. Within seconds he disappeared and reappeared in her palace, she was still sat inn her throne. “Welcome home captain.”

Paolo slammed his fists on the floor. He ran to Rysaras’ room “wake up!” he called and shook the red haired elf.
“What?” he moaned.
“We need to leave now!” Paolo called as he ran to Rykon who was still sat on the balcony.
“Why the rush?” he asked yawning.
“Opal has managed to catch Elwith here, I don’t understand,” he said.
“She has used very dark magic in order to break through their shield and to transport him back to her palace,” Rykon explained.
“How do you know?” Paolo asked.
“He used to study necromancy,” Rysaras replied as he stumbled towards his fellow elves.
“Study?” Paolo asked turning his head to look at the red haired twin.
“I never actually practiced it,” Rykon said.
“Good, but let Opal know you studied that,” Paolo laughed as they walked to the stables, and retrieved their steeds. Rykon rode with Rysaras and Paolo rode alone.
“Do we actually know where we are going?” Rysaras asked.
“Yes to her lair but it is a long ride,” Paolo replied. “I will feel her presence as I will get weaker.”
“Well let us know before it becomes fatal as we need you,” Rysaras said and shot out of the stable first. Paolo followed behind, they galloped out of the city and back into the wilderness, the path of decay was their only clue.
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