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Something I wrote when I was bored, pretty proud of it!
As I held her foot in my hand, I was overwhelmed with a rush of sexual emotion. I stared in wonder at this dirty gray socked foot, probably worn for days without regard to how nasty they had become. I could clearly make out a brown footprint, most likely from sweat and dirt, a small hole by the ball of her foot, probably from so much wear, and a visible wet mark by her toes, where the sweat just poured out like a fountain. Carefully I began the exploration of her perfect feet, making sure to thoroughly enjoy every sense, truly experiencing the wonders of her soles. I felt every sweaty fiber of her sock and gently brushed my hands over it, feeling the texture and heat of her humid foot. Her socks, sticky and warm, beckoning my fingers to pull them off, freeing her dirty soles from the sweaty prisons of her sock. I pressed my fingers to her toes and felt all five, perfectly shaped digits through the disgusting fabric, imagining how grimy they must be.

I slowly brought my mouth to them and started kissing each toe individually, the moistness of her sweat coating my lips, the humidity of her feet radiating onto my face. I moved up and down her sock covered sole, kissing every part imaginable, careful to only breathe through my mouth as to experience the stench of her feet on its own. I pressed my lips to the ball, feeling it’s smooth surface, experiencing the fuzziness of the sock, feeling it’s incredible warmth. I then moved down to the arch, the tip of my nose touching her sole, the feeling of warm sweat coating it, beckoning for me to take a deep sniff, but continued to wait as there was still more to kiss. I then moved down the heel, kissing it softly, it’s surface a little harder, but still plenty soft and moist, my nose pressed into her arch, my mind begging and pleading for me to inhale the humid stink protruding from her nasty socks, but alas I would be patient as i went back up and continued the process of kissing her feet again and again, making sure there was no area that didn’t receive the love and passion it deserved.

Only when I felt that her foot had received enough affection (let’s be honest, not even a million kisses would be enough for such a perfect foot) would I allow myself the pleasure of inhaling her stink. I decided I would start at the heel, the weakest smelling area, and work my way to the toxic pit under her toes, clearly the stinkiest area. I pressed my nose into her heel, the feeling of her moist sock so arousing, I couldn’t help but kiss her sole once more as to offer my gratitude for allowing me to worship something so angelic. I took a long, slow whiff of her heel, the stench of stale sweaty cheese entering my nose, sharp, but still weak in comparison of what was to come as I moved up to her arch. I closed my eyes as I inhaled the sweaty odor of her dirty socks, masking the ungodly stench of her bare feet only slightly. I shivered as I imagined how disgusting her bare feet would be. I took another heavenly sniff of her arch and thankfully kissed her foot gently and passionately, envisioning a life together with these stinky soles. I loved the person they were attached to, of course, for they were the one who allowed me these moments in heaven, but the foot itself, so stinky and perfectly shaped, I couldn’t take my eyes, nose, and lips off of them. I gave one final kiss before moving my nose to the nastiest part of her socked foot, right underneath her steamy smelly toes. I felt the utmost gratitude for being allowed to sniff this area and kissed each toe ten times before allowing my nose to inhale the stench of her toes. My nose made contact with the hot, stinky pit underneath her moist toes and the feeling alone was pure ecstasy, I could only imagine how bad the stench would be. I needn’t wonder any longer as I took the longest, deepest breath of my life, my mind in a daze as the sharp odor of sweaty sock fabric, rotting cheese, a hint of old onions, and a strong stench of doritos burning the insides of my nostrils. I furiously kissed her soles while continuing to sniff deeply, falling more in love with this girl for accepting my fetish and allowing me to adore and worship her feet.

With one more loving kiss to her socked sole and one final sniff of her toes, I pried myself away, a huge smile on my face as she stared at me. She too was smiling, overjoyed that she had made me so happy.

She giggled as she reached down and peeled off her sock, “Done so soon? I think my bare feet need some attention too!”

I stared in awe at the lovely sole in front of me, hypnotized by its sweaty grimy glory.

“Go ahead hubby, they’re all yours!” With her permission to worship, I planted a loving kiss on her sweaty sole and started the experience all over again…
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