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All you need is a little bit of love.
A Mosaic

I had never seen someone so broken.
He had shattered like glass,
And they left him thereā€¦.
Many people had seen the glass just sitting there,but they ignored it.
They had no use for something so broken,
So imperfect.

So instead of loving the glass,
They looked to the sky and admired the sun,
But they didn't realize that the broken glass still reflected the sun.

I had seen him there,
So I picked him up
And yes, he did cut me.
Until I realized how to hold him.
I didn't want the glass to be whole,
Exactly like it was.
Because I knew he would break again.

So I helped him lose some of his pieces,
The glass needed to forget.
We filled the holes with new memories,
and held it together with love.
He was never meant to be one type of glass,
He was destined to be so many.
A mosaic.
So maybe the glass wasn't so broken..
Maybe he was just meant to be.

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