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Two turkeys talking. Winner of The Dialogue 500 Contest November 2019.
Talking Turkeys

Hello, now that’s a delicious smell. Where’s it coming from? Over there, through the long grass and the trees, I reckon. Too good to pass up. Let’s go have a look.

Lots of turkeys out there in the open. Big ones, by the look o’ them. Wonder if I can…

What’s this? Some sort o’ barrier stopping me. Looks like a honeycomb, ‘cept I can see right through it. How high is it? Hmm, reckon I could fly over that but do I want to? No telling what’s out there in the open and those turkeys might not take kindly to me. If I could just get to talk to one o’ them, could find out a bit more. Let’s see now…

That male seems to be coming this way. Maybe I can get him to talk.

“Hey, ‘scuse me but can I have a word?”

“You talking to me, pal?”

“Yes. Could you tell me what that wonderful smell is?”

“Smell? Oh, you mean the food. There’s loads of food in here, scattered all over the place by the oomans. Never have to go looking for it - they bring it to us. Which is a point, actually. What the heck are you doing outside the fence? You wanna get in here and start eating, mate. Looks like you could do with a bit o’ fattening up, if you ask me.”

“Fence? What’s a fence?”

“That thing that separates you from me. The wire thing all tangled together like.”

“So that’s what it’s called. Why’s it here?”

“Just is, mate. Separates the inside from the outside, that’s all I know.”

“Why don’t you fly over it?”

“Don’t be silly. Turkeys can’t fly.”

“I can.”

“Must not be a turkey then. What are you? You look like a turkey. Or you would with a few decent meals inside you.”

“I’m a turkey. And all the turkeys I know look like me. Are you sure you’re a turkey?”

“O’ course I’m a turkey. Look at all the others inside the fence. Just like me, proper round and feathered. Much more turkeylike than the skinny specimen you are.”

“Alright, alright, no need to be rude about it. But you say you can’t fly. Can the others?”


“So you have to stay on that side of the umm, fence?”

“Yeah, but it’s great in here. All the food you can eat and no foxes or dogs to chase you.”

“How long is the fence?”

“Oh, it’s not long. It goes all the way round, that’s all.”

“So you couldn’t get out here, even if you wanted to?”

“I guess not. But why would I want to?”

“Because you’re not free, that’s why.”

“What’s free?”

“It’s… Hard to explain. I guess you can only know once you’ve tried it. Anyway, I think I’ll stay free, if you don’t mind.”

“Suit yourself, mate. You’re passing up on Paradise though.”

“Hmm, maybe. Gotta go. Look after yourself.”

“Oh, I do, I do.”

Word Count: 496
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