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The battlefield of the mind
Evolution of Tears

Pain meta-morphs to pleasure
But do not dis-associate the
One with the other-for together
Both produce a measure of
Endless grace and testimony of
How Faithfulness won't let go of me.

Raindrops change from sleet
To snow as it comes down from
The sky, so I descend with the
Thought in mind, my friend, that
I will rise like mist from the sea
Because someday, Grace, shall carry me.

Bear me up on Your wings,
So my feet don't touch the ground-
For I am looking for consolation
Here in this place, but none can be found.

The only glimmer of hope
That keeps me here is promises...

Promises You made in Your name
It's all I have to bank on...
I lean and depend on every word
You said because this is all I have
To keep me from losing my mind!
Only Your words sustain me.

My tears are tiny triumphs
Of all the battles I have fought
With my fleeting heart to make it
Surrender my all to You.
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