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My eyes opened as I took a large gasp and shot up from my bed. Once again, I had the same dream. I checked the clock, it is 6 o'clock. mother usually wakes me up at 7, as school starts at 9, but I am wide awake now. I flung my feet to the side of my bed, and put my feet into the old slippers of mine that sit beside my bed. There is nothing much to them, they're just average tan slippers. I stand up and walk to my mirror. As usual, I look at every feature on my face, identifying it. I know every inch of my face, as people expect me to look a certain way. Maybe if I look at myself enough, I can imagine well enough that I look the way they want. I don't feel that there is anything wrong with my face, but people often want to please others, that is what I have heard at least. I don't think anybody is pleased by me, though. I don't speak much, and often times I am in my own world. I am referring to school. I would rather be anywhere but there. I feel judged. That is what I think, at least. After a minute or two, I walk to my closet and open it. The knob is cold, an makes my hand sting a little bit. Out of my closet I take the same thing I wear every day. A pear of old baggy jeans, and a grey button up shirt. Once I finish getting changed, I do some homework until it is time to leave for school.
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