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Rated: E · Letter/Memo · Comedy · #2204941
A class assignment: make a diorama and then make a letter about it.
Dear General Landis,

         Atari has found us again and our fair village has turned into a pre-war zone in the middle of an update! This time they sent in Pac Man and Mrs. Pac Man who are destroying all of our houses. That weird centipede and the little alien things are destroying our crops, and Donkey Kong is throwing barrels everywhere and destroying our city hall too! We, as the government, have decided to call on you for help. Your deck of cards may be superior to Atari when it comes time for the actual war. If you choose to help us then you must:

--Bring food, poor Mario who cares for our crops is sick at home since he is half-Nintendo, half-Atari.

--Try to bring more decks. I do believe that we will require all of the assistance that we can get.

--Bring a 128 GB backup card. I fear we may lose this city and need to reboot.

--Find four space shuttles. They only have one centipede and one batch of aliens. We will cheat the system and double our numbers if we have to.

Lastly, get 273 Pokeballs to house all of our little (mostly cute) critters, and to bring them to safety later.

We sincerely hope that this email travels quick enough, and that you choose to help us.

Yours truly,

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