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Slice of Adventure Slice of life that explores a weird reality set like our own and not
1 - סיבוכים

A Man stands in a purple luminescent void with emerald stars on an emerald super moon talking to a disembodied voice, that sounds like it could be male though exceptionally light for a man. There is no air and no temperature though the figure alone has a cold emotional feeling so he is cold for now. The figure Stands Around 8ft tall looks like what one could only describe as a wolf man with Grey and white fur patterning across his face like a triangle cloaked in a golden metallic robe with a unique texture that is like furred feathers if the feathers were on the inside and a small cloak of fur rimming the feathers that covers head to toe with a hood over his head.

This figure speaks to the voice with frustration

Disembodied voice : Sorry, i really am i've been having some troubles recently making these also something happened here really not good you will see when you enter just bare with me for a moment please

Robed wolf-man : I Know, Don't pressure your lack of ability if its detrimental for you in the moment, please

Disembodied Male voice : no no no its fine le....

Disembodied Female Voice : go err take a rest...Here you go

5 portals open with a shocked look on the Wolf-man and a silence from the female though she may feel the same way. Before the figure could even see where they go to confirm his slight panic he quickly jumps through the portal directly ahead of him in a panic and it closes behind him. Going through the portal he lands quite gently on the ground like he was placed by a baby who loves its toys with great intelligence. Landing in a now golden luminescent void on a now golden super moon with a lot more stars though seeming random if you were to zoom out by a couple 100 light years they would be in the shape of a metatron cube. How ever there are patches of dark like rainbow discoloration in the sky and rips in the sky too like tears where some reveal pure white light emanating like it could incinerate on contact and some black voids beyond the broken veil. accompanying all this random supernovas in the distance that can be seen instantly as they go off and lightning strikes of too a rainbow variety of colors.

In the distance seems to be a giant Vermana in the shape of a mobius strip broken in two, Size in comparison to the size of new York. One half floating in the air and one piece phased into the ground somehow.

Wolf-man : *Analysis the environment and begins to glow black*

A lady with crimson Scaly skin on her back and blue fleshy but hard looking skin in her front with a huge tail instead of legs which are coiled come flying in from the Vermana phased into the ground along with 2 phazy looking orbs one black and one white. Her head at the back resembles cobra features though but the front resembles more humanoid elements. Where her nipples should be seems to be perfectly layered with her regular skin also flying with her is an African man and an oriental woman. The African man with long black hair that descends all the way to his thighs left natural and unhampered with a diamond scythe holstered on his back wearing Crimson And Gold Kimono similar in design to those worn by Japanese royal consorts but native African patterns and markings all over. Also cerulean earrings

And Asian girl in a skin tight suit that only speaks figure and metal made fabric in terms of the texture completely black with cosmic stars all over like she is wearing a universe holding a Cube of similar design to her in her hand her hair pinned smartly in position by a white shortsword instead what one would expect, a pin.

All 3 new figures look tired and settle gently on the ground.

Wolf-man : Let me postulate, the twins

Oriental woman speak : We had to separate the twins they got into a fight

Wolf-man : Yes proceed

oriental woman : Cause it was because of me they fought over who gets to go out with me though i would refuse both of them and they got mad and then mad at each other had a brawl and this place got wrecked it happened so fast we managed to secure everyone's memories and all their materials before they got rejected they are in this cube but all out constructs destroyed hense the materials bu...

Wolf-man : Lisa & Asil where are they?

Oriental Woman : Yeh, they got blown out of the ship

Wolf-man : *is silent with a bit heavier breathing from more frustration also sadness*

Wolf-man *pats her on the head * i know its not your fault none of us expected this, again well i did actually just not this severe and get Lisa & Asil Back is going to be hard so give me the twins i know where to take or at least what to do with them and then i will have to find my girls and find out where they may have been displaced.

the African guy : I'll help you with that

Wolf-man : Thanks

Snake lady : iimbraturia wait i made sure this didn't get destroyed

African guy : oh wow, nice *hugs her*

*She hands over a book which he then absorbs*

African guy : Ok i shall return when i have completed my duties on my earth take care everyone also Ico I'm very sorry for this inconvenience

Ico : No problem

Everyone glows gold for a slight moment and then a portal opens somewhat like a semi circle which contorts like an ovule and until engulfing the African man warping, bending refracting his image till it turns pitch black and then phazes out of view with him gone

Ico then does the same

Snake lady and oriental girl Coil tails and fold legs respectively and begin to meditate as soon as they do the moon beings to shake and the rips in the sky and discoloration fade away with the Vermana repairing itself slowly


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