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by Rosie
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I don't really know. I was just writing for fun, enjoy it.
There is always that moment before a disaster. Like the eye of a storm. It becomes quiet, everything stops, and all you can think of is ‘What if?’. ‘What if’ I didn’t suggest for a family vacation. ‘What if’ I focused on the road instead of my phone. What if, What if, What if.

Was it true that before you die you see a bright light? Or your life flash before your very own eyes? There was a soft glow ahead of me, inviting me to step forward. Would I go? Or would I stay back? Choices. It was what my father always said. “What choice would lead you to the correct answer?” I guess you can’t take advice from a dead man though. And either way, I had never been known for making correct decisions. I unbuckled my seat belt and stepped forward, basking in the great white light.

Was I dead? I checked my hands. They didn’t look dead. My forefinger went to my wrist to check for a pulse. Lub dub……..Lub dub……..Lub dub……..There was one there. Was that a good sign? Was I dreaming? Maybe, but this didn’t feel like a dream, more of a nightmare. I took a deep breath and took a cautious step forward.

Walls around me projected images. Of me. They were all me. Me with my sister and brothers playing in the living room. Me with my Dad. Me with my Mom. Me in the car laughing with the family. When were these taken? Why are they here? Is this my life flashing before my eyes? The images moved, showing every moment of my life. But why? It seemed to go on forever. It was my life. Every moment.

But why?
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