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Just writing what's on my mind
A lot of thoughts have been buzzing in my head, some good and some bad. But most of them linger with my brother, who is currently in college for civil engineering. When we were kids, I wasn't exactly "Bro of the Year," but in the past few years, I've done my best to repair my relationship with him. Growing up, I wasn't the big man on campus. My social skills weren't exactly the best. I was verbally bullied from Pre-K to senior year of highschool, yet somehow I held it together. I learned many years later in high school that I have autism in addition to ADHD, anxiety, and depression (Not a good combo). I keep asking myself, "How did you make it this far while holding the pain in?" "Well," I say, "I just suck it up and take it day by day."

Since high school, a lot of good things have happened: I have a girlfriend, I have a lot of good friends, I have a fulltime job, and I got some help with the depression. All in all, I am happy. I see my brother every now and then, and I am happy that he is doing well. Another thing that I am getting back into is writing. I have found this wonderful community on Writing.com, who has inspired me to write again and rekindle the flame of writing that I thought was extinguished.

As a final verse to this rambling man's little aria, here are a few writing tips:

1. Draw in from personal experiences - This is how I vented my depression and different bombshells of emotion.

2. Draw inspiration from people- I drew inspiration from tons of famous people (Robbin Williams and Prince just to name a few that I used).

3. Draw Inspiration from nature - Whether it is taking a walk in a forest or just going to your local wildlife park or botanic garden, nature is (in my opinion) the best kickstarter for me.

If you guys want any more tips or would like to ask any questions, feel free to IM me.

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