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by JM
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Dark · #2204988
Charlie sells Amanda to the Human trafficking ring. X knows your sins. He doesn't approve.
"Charlie had finished handing Amanda over to Peter, and had gotten the money for it. Peter had taken the kid back to the barn, where he and the owner, Mr. Orwin, Kept the child to wait and sell the kid to some other sick fuck.
Little did they know, I can see them.
Charlie, you greedy bitch. First you take the children from their parents as you act as a baby-sitter. Then you sell the kid. I'm sorry to say this, but I don't approve." The thing finished writing this note, and as it did, it also began to let it's smile appear from the inky black abyss from the hole of it's solid-grey cloak.
"Ι΄łľ ģıνе уøυ α яέàśοή тø ßę ďāмñęď. Ι΄ļι ģίνέ уðų αľι," It uttered in static nonsense.
Charlie was taking a bath. A nice, warm, relaxing, vulnerable bath. It knocked on the door, and in the voice of the child, began to sob from the other side. The sound startled Charlie, and she quickly got dried and dressed, draining the bath.
The knocking began to turn to a vicious pounding, It also began to go from wailing to a violent ear-piercing screech.
Charlie became frightened, and opened the door to see nothing.
It seemed to be nowhere in sight, so she relaxed.
That is, untill, she saw the child, that she had sold, holding a steak knife in the kitchen.
Charlie began to run, run away from her. She followed, and eventually cornered charlie down a hallway. Charlie begged for mercy, but all It muttered, were the words "You greedy whore."
The "Amanda" suddenly changed into It, and lunged onto her. It bit into Charlie's neck, and killed her. Then began to maul her face so she would be unrecognizable. 'X' ate her organs and flesh, consuming the lady with only the pure bitterness it felt left in it's mind.
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