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Based on a text message I received this morning.
"How are you?"
I saw a text as soon as I woke up this morning.

It appears simple, but the riot born in my heart is phenomenal.
After these many days of silence and calm, you decided to ping me and fuel the fire burning in my heart that set out the day we last spoke,
Your memories freak me out every day,
Your absence showed me the way to absolute loneliness,
Your words destroyed the pillars of self-confidence I built over a lifetime,
My tears got dried up Inside not being able to find a way out
The happy face I carry around is making me more vulnerable
"I'm Scared of being not scared of losing me anymore"
Trust me,
I tried, but never a single drop of tear came out,
I tried but never been a single day I didn't think about you,
I tried, but no one ever could replace you,
All I could do is accepting the fact that "I left you, for a greater good".

And I replied, "FINE"...

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