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Rated: XGC · Short Story · Erotica · #2205030
SCREAMS!!! Contest WINNER!!! Horrotica story...
11/8/19 Screams!!! Contest WINNER!!!
1,151 words

I met him at a bar. Tall, dark, and handsome. Check, check, and check. When I can add my favorite two "M" words--mysterious and muscular--to the checklist, I know I have a winner in my Friday night game of singles roulette.

I love going to the bar and picking up guys. With my stunning face, vermillion lips, and voluptuous curves, it's a game at which I'm quite skilled. I always go alone. No other girls would want to go with me even if I wanted to bring them. Not to boast, but masculine eyes would only look right past them on their way to me. It is simply a fact, and they know it. I sat down at the bar. Seated, I smoothed my tiny black dress over sleek abs. I shifted rounded hips to cross long, shapely legs.

Men were simple, drawn to sexy, feminine flesh like a moth to flame, and I had just lit a bonfire. My first moth approached.

This man was gorgeous. High cheekbones and a strong jaw defined his masculine face. Lean, hard muscle decorated his delicious body. My, my, I thought. This one may be worth some attention... Unlike most men of his sort, he was not tan but pale. His porcelain skin was an intriguing contrast to dark hair, dark eyes, dark clothes. His eyes held mine in a confident gaze. It was mesmerizing.

"I would offer to buy you a drink," he began, "but I don't drink."

"Really?" I said, raising a thin eyebrow and forming my luscious lips into a practiced, sexy smirk. "I don't hear that often, sitting in a bar." I leaned forward to give him a tantalizing view of my generous cleavage, eyes never leaving his.

Most men become inarticulate imbeciles at this point in my seduction routine. This one, however, didn't miss a beat. My interest in him rose another notch. This one had willpower. I knew my beauty was spellbinding, but he remained debonair.

"Not alcohol, anyway," he gave a hypnotic, Cheshire smile.

"Is this where you tell me that you want to drink in my beauty, or something along those lines?" I said, doubling down on my smirk.

"You have no idea," he said, effortlessly handling the curveball I had thrown him. "Clearly my introduction is lacking in originality. I guarantee, however, that you won't find me unoriginal in the bedroom." His dark eyes smoldered, sending shivers down my spine. I'm accustomed to men looking at me hungrily, but this was different somehow. It made me hunger for him.

"I don't think that any man has used the word however in a sentence with me in their pickup line before, however, I hear the word bedroom all the time." I continued my usual banter as I felt the spellbinding power of magnetic eyes. Clearly, this man was used to having his way with the ladies. I could feel my arousal grow with the thought of him inside me. His confidence and vigor were... intoxicating.

"Your bedroom or mine?" he said. Our eyes remained locked together as if looking through two ends of a tunnel where nothing else existed.

"Yours," I said softly, huskily. This man was really turning me on!

"Excellent," he said, offering me a hand. I took it. Striations appeared in his biceps as they stretched the fabric of his short sleeves, pulling me from the stool. He was strong. Very strong. I shivered in anticipation of the night to come.

As we walked into the night, the darkness seemed sinister, predatory. I smiled. I had always viewed myself as a predator, and predators knew their own. There was no doubt that this man viewed himself as a predator too. That type was my favorite when it came to satisfying my sensual hunger.

As he closed the door to his apartment, he didn't offer me a drink, didn't offer me a seat, he simply turned, placed his hand on the side of my elegant cheek and kissed me. I returned the kiss, teeth touching his lower lip, thrusting tongue into his mouth. Our tongues swirled in tingling sensation. His teeth met my full lower lip. It was his turn to bite. His teeth were sharp, painful, nearly drawing my blood.

"Mmmmmph..." I protested, and he released my lip. The pain felt good.

My hands roamed his torso, finding the hem of his shirt. I pulled it off, breaking our kiss only as the shirt reached his head.

Lips and bodies now separated, I took the opportunity to reach back and slide down the zipper of my dress. Slowly, deliberately, I gave him a tantalizing show. My manicured nails slid one strap over the shoulder, then the other. My hips danced back and forth in a sensual display, inching the dress over provocative curves of hip and breast. Black lace, svelte abs, and luscious hips were revealed as the tight dress traveled down my irresistible, perfect body. My smooth, slender legs stepped out of and over the dress as it finally fell to the floor.

I pressed the full swells of my breasts against his iron chest as I raised my lips again to his. He was hard, his erection pushing over his pants upward into my taut abdomen.

I purred as our kisses turned hungry, urgent. He walked me back to the bedroom. His hands gripped my arms in his passion. I broke our kiss for a moment.

"Not so hard!" I said, amused. He felt so strong, his chiseled muscles like steel under my soft hands.

"Sorry! You are so breathtaking. I suppose I got carried away..." he said breathily before our mouths pressed together again.

I smiled knowingly as he lowered my nubile body to the sheets. He hovered over me, his strong arms holding his body a millimeter above mine, electricity between our skin palpable. I could feel moisture between my polished thighs.

My slender fingers unbuttoned his pants and released his rigid cock. Freed of his confines, he plunged into me, and I cried out. I watched the veins in his neck pop into relief as he used his powerful, virile body to push further and further into me, the movement sending charges of erotic energy through my achingly sexy body. My slippery, coltish legs wrapped around his hard waist.

I crossed my willowy arms behind his neck and with a strength that clearly surprised him, pulled his head toward mine. Cocking my head to the side, my lips moved to his muscled neck. I extended white fangs and sank them deep to feel hot, delicious blood filling my mouth. My long lashes fluttered in ecstasy as my eyes rolled back in my head. We both came together, shuddering in rapture as his heart pulsed its final beat.

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