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if the blue lotus sings is novel by lippi Parida
Review of novel by @Lippi Parida --"IF THE BLUE LOTUS SINGS"---twice!
There are 34 chapters and 158 pages and book is published by Gyanjuga Publication ,Bhubneswar ,lay out is by DIgambar Mahalik .Cover design is by Author Lippi Parida
It is a mythopoeic plot telescoping the past with the present!
All the 34 chapters are so deftly woven and author command of English is quintessential!
The 16th chapter---EK ONKAR SATNAM---tells us about the sojourn of Guru Nanak Dev ji---rea
lly remarkable narrative here!"
Presenting the mysticism of Puri Jagannath temple, Author Lippi Parida, in her novel If the Blue Lotus Sings talks about the tale of love.The locale of the novel is Puri in coastal Odisha .The modus operndi is process of Nabakelebra .myth is personified when lotuses begin to commune with the protagonist Jagannath Prasad .Flowers speak about Nilotpala ,the beloved of the protagonist Jagannath Prasad.
The author is a wonder story teller .As referred in E M FORSTER book "Aspects of Novel "there are flat and round characters.
Ms. Parida added that the novel is based on the phenomenon of the Nabakalebara. "Nabakalebara is the symbolic recreation of the four deities in wooden forms at the Jagannath temple. Something unusual happened that year and it was this experience which enticed me to write the novel," she said.
Chapters like Reunion,Root of the matter.Brooding Skies and God Save their Souls accentuate the plot of novel forward .
The author in a dexterous style makes apt application of similies,metaphors ,metonymy ,symbolism and pathetic fallacy .Having taught MA English classes for many years ,I find author having an insight into formalist,archetypal and psychoanalytical aspccts of weaving a story ,I hope more such delectable but profound novels and storis would emnate from quill of Lippi Parida

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