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A robot going through what we called 'human life'.

Wordless Gratitude

"There's a soul within all living beings."

You showed me how to read, how to write, how to speak, how to communicate,

And you sigh when I kept getting everything wrong.

On the paper you have colored with beautiful handwriting,

I couldn't understand the patterns on it,

I only knew that I had to keep running forward, in response of your voice.

Repeating day after day:

"One day you will definitely get it right, you are already trying your best!"

At that moment, something certainly started throbbing in my chest.

Could it be that, I was slowly hosting a heart?

"Do all humans need a soul to live?"

My finally steady vocalization reached out.

Softly patting my head, you smiled:

"Of course, as long as we are humans, we need souls to move."

Your tired hand continued to flip the torn pages,

I knew perfectly well that eventually you wouldn't move anymore.

Even so, I wanted to stay by your side, keep living by your side.

At that moment, my heart struggle to stay still,

My mechanical voice kept projecting into the dimly lit room.

I want to keep talking with you,

I want to keep joking with you,

I want to keep living with you,

But right now, that is impossible to accomplish, right?

Do you still remember the first word you taught me?

"'Thanks.' That's what you say when others treat you nicely."

How about the first conversation we had?

"Now that you can speak, you sure have grown a lot, huh?"

I won't mispronounce the words you gave me anymore,

So why don't you rub my head like you used to?

One day this story will reach the sky that you reside in,

Just like how your past smiles still reaches the depth of my heart.

Knowing that one day I will also stop moving,

But this story will keep reflecting in my eyes.

"Thank you so much for everything."

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