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The first half of this year was OK for me, but then things change...
{font:times{center}The year that is known that is 2019 was kind of strange for me; However, that very first half was alright for me because that time was spent by me reading books and writing wonderful things. And yes, I still have to work at my food service job, cleaning things such as tables and chairs, as well as facing food products.
Now, by the second half of this year, things in my family start to change in ways that I have never imagine before or probably never will again; First and foremost of all, my 1st cousin's son started staying with us every other full week during the summer. But then, this little boy, instead of coming over every weekend, starts to stay with us all throughout many full weeks. I do not know exactly the reason for this sudden change, but what I am thinking right now is that his mother had gotten kicked out of her old house and that she had just started looking for a new house to live in. From what I have heard, I think that she is in the finishing touches of finalizing the paperwork for that new house, and soon she shall move into it and that little boy can finally move back in with her mother and then be reunited once more. It has been many a week since September since my 1st cousin's son had been living with us, and I have been having many dreams of this little boy coming back home to this new house and be finally reunited with his own mother. Whenever time allows me to do so, I am still having that daydream, and I hope that dream comes true soon when he and his mother are finally back together again.
I had also attended that luncheon that had been thrown by ReadAloud Delaware; Last year, I had gotten an award for my achievements in helping out at the office. But this year, an award went to another person with similar talents of helping out in offices. However, I did write and prepared a speech, in which I read in front of those who were attending the luncheon. They applauded my voice. Now, I do not have any idea of how long I would be volunteering at ReadAloud Delaware, but I try to help out as long and as best as I can, as long as time allows.
And finally, I have written and published my newest eBook yet, and it is entitled "Trio of Tales & Other Stories to Delight". It just goes to show that, although you are enduring the crisis that your family is going through right now, you still manage to achieve one goal in your life, and that happens to be writing a book, especially an eBook! LITTLE PLUG: "Trio of Tales" features three original 3-chapter stories written by yours truly, plus two additional stories by me! Plus, here is a special treat: Accompanying each of my stories is a Zentangle(R)-inspired illustration by me! Now, isn't that something special, or what?! "Trio of Tales & Other Stories to Delight" will be available this Tuesday, November 12th, from the Amazon Kindle Store; If you would like to pre-order your very own digital copy, or would like to wait until November 12th to get my eBook on that date, then you can do that too! Just go to this link right here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WKGJGMF

Well, this year is just about over; Well, not just the year 2019 itself, but the whole entire decade called the 2010s; What would the coming year, as well as the coming decade, hold for all of us, especially yours truly? All I can say are those words in a certain song: "Whatever will be, will be." {/center}}
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