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Personification entry for the shapes of life
Teaching the Right Lessons

"Listen Jimmy, hang with me kid and I'll teach you all you ever need to know, kid." The purple triangle could feel the warmth of the child's hands as he rubbed each of his sides, but even better was the child's smile that he could sense.

"So here we go, lesson number one. I am a T-R-I-A-N-G-L-E. No matter which way you turn me I have a point to make! I have three sides and three points. Like a mighty mountain, I am a mathematician's dream. I am the most basic and important of all shapes."

"Whoa, don't be filling his head with that nonsense. Hey, kid, pick me up and I'll give you the real scoop."

As if he could hear the voice calling to him, Jimmy wrapped his fingers gently around the new dimension. The circle sighed and cooed his compliment to the boy, "Wow, those fingers are magic. So very nice to meet you and I have to tell you the pointed head guy there isn't telling you the whole truth. I am a C-I-R-C-L-E, the most important of all shapes. I am infinity. See, no sides to get in the way. I am smooth and round like a ball."

"Jimmy,Jimmy, pick me! Pick me! My name is C-L-O-V-E-R. I'm a girl and the best friend you could ever have. I can bring you luck. My sides are round and smooth just like the circle but I have more facets. Nothing to bore you here!"

"Cool it, Clover. You're confusing the kid," The circle screamed.

Jimmy could hear the bickering of the shapes in his head. It caused him to giggle. He liked that they were trying to impress him.

"Mr.Hexagon, here! What my peeps here are forgetting to fill you on is that we are ALL equally important. Take me, I can be found on a snowflake, the back of a turtle, or a bee's honeycomb. Nature loves me. But, we all matter. We are the first teachers of life. Our shapes are pretty cool but our colors are beautiful. None of us are the same, but together we are the majesty of a universe. Get my meaning, kid?"

"Colors?" Jimmy whispered into the air.

"Come on, kid. You know green, orange, red, and lilac? Like the rainbow," Triangle muttered.

"I was born blind. I don't see color or shapes. I can only feel them," Jimmy said sadly.

"Jimmy, don't be sad. In many ways you are better off than other people. They can't sense the real beauty," Clover soothed.

"Yeah, kid we can teach you the basics but the rest of life's lessons come from the heart," Mr. Hexagon announced.

Word Count 450

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