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im tired and about to fall asleep
A short story about writing

Nomad sat there, fingertips on his keypad. Stroke after stroke he continued.

He had just found a new way of experiencing life. And he is determined to hold on to it. He will, he believes it.

He knows that to keep this grip, he will do it all day long. He knows that to get a strong grip, it will take him years. A short period, he knows that too. With every new day, he is a decimal percentage stronger in his grip. A decimal percentage, every day, is the way to a stronger grip, every year.
With every new day, he is given the potential of clasping harder by action, and knows the potential of heavier loss if he fails to action.
He is disciplined. It is earned every single day. Every day, he will make a choice. A completely fresh day, free from any past. He makes a choice. He takes action.
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