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11/9/19 SCREAMS! contest entry, 255 words
The Ugliest Beauty

My beauty was ugly.

Oh, I was gorgeous by any physical standard. As I watched my nude body in the mirror, my breasts swelled to spectacular fullness. My abs hardened into the cobbled smoothness that only the hottest movie stars could achieve. My arms were toned, my hips were firm, rounded in perfect curves. My legs were sexy, shapely, feminine. My eyes, luminous, smoldering with desire, with hate. My luscious ruby lips tried to smile but couldn’t.

I was a masterpiece. Because I was ugly.

My sister had always said I was evil. She had blamed everything on me. Of course, it was my fault. It's always my fault. But this time it was.

I gasped in pleasure as the last of the dark energy poured into me, channeled by the dark figure.

The hair on the back of my neck rose as the dark figure approached, looming over me in the mirror. I almost turned but stopped myself. If I turned, I wouldn’t be able to see him.

His hand, warm, hot, caressed my neck. His touch was arousing. It was terrifying.

I swallowed in fear, passion rising within me. I felt his hardness pressing into my lower back.

I felt his knees bend behind mine. Then his shaft rose. Between my legs. His shaft entered me as I clenched in fear. I had agreed to this, wanted this. Did I still?

The demon came.

The demon left.

My sister’s body lay on the ground, faded, drained of all its beauty. It was ugly.
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