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Charlotte takes an art class at the local Adult’s Education Center.
Charlotte daubed her brush with oil,
paints the medium her choosing.
Adult Education Center,
excitement oozing from old gal

a widowed brunette pencil thin,
she holds the palette color scheme.
Within a dream she is Van Gogh
intent to paint a Starry Night.

Blue remains her favorite color;
blend the landscape with the heavens.
Right at seven class beginning,
a gleam in Charlotte’s bright blue eyes.

Driving to the local center,
hope a heartbeat love afire.
All admire Charlotte’s passion,
yet the night is cold and cloudy.

Still inside the class attentive,
budding artists seated meekly.
This a weekly talent wanting—
time for Charlotte’s fervent brushing.

Eventually a starry night
found Charlotte painting Rome and pear.
Van Gogh the master, hues of blue;
success she found by being true.

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