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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
The Cave

“I think we’re lost.”

Ignoring Tim, Jesse continued to look at the map. Running his finger over a spot, he looked up and then back, “This way,” he said, confidently.

They started south along the left path. “So, when’s the last time you were up here, did you say?” Tim asked.

“Couple years ago, you remember Ted Danvers, at my company?”


“Well he and Alex Beck...”

“Alex Beck, that guy you’re up against for VP at your company?”

“Yeah, that one... they were going hiking and I’d just started so Ted invited me. We didn’t get very far though, there was a terrible storm and we spent about two hours in a cave about a mile up. By the time it was over, we didn’t have enough time to go much further up, so we just hiked back.”

“They never invited you again?”

“Ted left the company a few weeks later, very suddenly. I never knew Alex that well and I never knew where Ted went. I think they may have had a falling out, Alex never spoke about him much after he left. I always wanted to come back here though, Ted seemed to think it was a great hike.”

“Are you sure we’re not lost?”

“I think the cave we stopped at is right around here.”

Suddenly, they came around a rocky ledge and there was a small opening. “This might be it. Let’s go in.”

“Is it safe?”

“Not really...” came a voice behind them. Suddenly they were pushed, hard. As they went through the opening, they fell down an abyss crashing to the bottom.

In a stupor of broken pain, they heard a voice, “By the way, I told Ted this wasn’t the same cave too. He just wouldn’t listen.”

And then nothing...
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