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The sad plight of cats that are stuck outdoors during the cold winter months.
Honorable Mention in Poetic Traditions of Poetry Contest.

Looking outside at
the freshly fallen snow,
it glistens ever so brightly
as the sun starts to show.

We saw these tiny paw prints,
depressions deep within,
then we lost those paw prints
much to our chagrin.

We looked around for awhile,
trudging through the snow,
desperate in finding them,
becoming icy cold.

Much to our relief we found
their paw prints once again.
We followed them carefully to
see where they may end.

We almost gave up on them
and said, “C’mon, Let's Go.”
Then I saw the momma cat
with all her babies in tow.

We welcomed them to enter
our cozy humble home;
But momma cat was leery,
taking off to be on their own.

To this very day,
when we look out down below;
We still look for the ones
who left paw prints in our snow.


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