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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Tribute · #2205187
In honour of the fallen
The Armoury

Suits of armour line the halls
of knights now been and gone,
with turrets raised they took their falls,
a palidan's light shone

With battles fought on fields strange,
forged different from our own,
as we too, walk our shooting range,
scouting what we're shown

Such skirmishes that won't make sense,
to paiges in the field
Warriors in training dense,
such different arms they wield

Still their fight picked up is ours,
just as we took theirs,
history is marked in towers,
selective are their wares

With messages the victors choose
and lost rewards to reap
The fallen's stories that we lose,
buried in a heap

With martyrs' armour shining strong,
the learnings of our past
Lessons sharp that score so long,
embedding thick and fast

With age it shines, nostalgia filled,
of mail plate and chain
Regardless of the rust that builds,
their armour... it remains
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